Ghost Hunting Tools in the palm of your hand.


Ghost Tube is the best Ghost Hunting App that allows you to record your paranormal investigations with the latest investigative techniques and tools. Features include:
Go to EMF Detector

EMF Detector

GhostTube uses your phone’s in-built magnetometer to detect Electro-Magnetic Fluctuations.

Go to Ghost Dictionary

Ghost Dictionary

GhostTube has a Ghost Dictionary with up to 500 commonly used words, names and phrases. Words are selected based on magnetic readings.

Go to EVP Recorder

EVP Recorder

GhostTube has a full spectrum sound synthesizer and recorder which can be used for detecting Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs).

Go to Customizable Skins

Customizable Skins

GhostTube provides additional skins and filters to customize and enhance your paranormal videos.

GhostTube isn’t like other Ghost Hunting Apps…

GhostTube lets you film your paranormal investigations with all of your ghost hunting tools overlayed on top of your video. This means you are more likely to capture credible evidence that you can share with friends, family and paranormal enthusiasts such as yourself.

GhostTube is FREE to download!